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Gordisima's Long Awaited Litter

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 8:00 PM

After waiting since spring, Gordisima finally has a litter! It has been a long wait, I hope it will be worth it. She has three little kits, all castors. Nugget is the sire. They were born November 11, 2012.

Isima is 1 1/2 years old, and I didn't want to wait that long before her first litter, but things have just not worked out as planned. I bred her last spring, but that buck was never able to produce a litter. After moving, I bred her to Nugget. Her first litter was due in September, but it was aborted two weeks early. We were having a deck built, and I think the noise stressed her too much. I didn't realize it was bothering her or I would have moved her to the garage away from the noise.

Her second litter was born in October, this time they were full term. I was there to watch her kindle, but even though everything seemed normal, they were all dead. What a disapointment.

This month, as the day of her kindling drew near, I watched her very closely. On Sunday, Veteran's Day, she began to build a nest. The temperature outside was only 32 F, and she didn't want to pull much fur. I gave her some of the fur I save for just such times, and she gratefully used that. I checked her every hour, all day long. She stubornly sat in "bunny slipper" mode and dozed. When I went to bed that night she still hadn't had her litter. Spice had kindled earlier in the afternoon, four healthy kits. But Isima was still napping. I set my alarm and got up in the middle of the night to check on Gordisima.

They finally came! In the light of the heatlamp I saw the fur in her nest box moving! I gave her a treat and checked on the new litter. Four kits, one was dead. The other three were alive and healthy looking. I was glad I came out to check her, since one of the kits wasn't with the others. I put it in the nest and covered them back up.

I'm so excited about this litter, Isima is a very nice castor, and so was her dam, Daisy. I hope Nugget makes a good sire for my line.

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