Toni's Coneys


Here are pictures and a little bit about each of our rabbits. Kits change so fast I will have a separate page for growing litters.

Our Bucks


Full Name: Broadfoots Sherbert

Breeder: Mary Broadfoot

Registered: Yes

Status: Retired Herd Sire

Born: 12-17-06

Best Winnings: 1 BOB leg, several BOVs, Best Colored Fur

Tang is one of our best rabbits. He has been my main herd sire for six years. He is retired now since all of my homegrown rabbits are descended from him. He has passed on his nice type, great fur, and friendly personality. Tang belongs to my sister.


Full Name: Toni's Carlos

Registered: Yes

Status: Show Buck

Born: 11-11-12

Best Winnings:  2 BOSVs

Carlos is a super sweet little guy, with his chunky build and plush fur he's like a living, cuddly stuffed animal. Carlos loves people. He'll rub his chin all over me at chore time, likes to be held, and loves playing in the rabbit pen.

Carlos did pretty well as a show rabbit when he was a junior, he has nice color and a nice compact body. As a senior he hasn't done as well, but he's going to be a great pet for a friend of mine.


Full Name: Toni's Felix

Registered: No

Status: Pet

Born: 5-29-13

Felix is a special rabbit, he can do tricks! I have trained him to come when called, run to his cage and jump in, jump up into my lap, and chase a mini tennis ball. Why teach a rabbit tricks? Well, he can't be shown because he was born with a tear duct that doesn't function properly. His left cheek is always damp.  I've carried him around and spoiled him so much he expects to be out of his cage at every chore time.


Full Name:



This isn't a mini rex, I know. Meet Edward, my new English angora buck.


Our Does   


Full Name: Kelly's Lavanda

Breeder: Maple Kelly

Registered: Yes

Status: Brood Doe


Best Offspring: Miss Seven: BOB winner,  Spice: BOS winner

Lavanda is one of my best brood does. She is a great mother, she always builds nice nests and takes very good care of her litters. Her offspring are usually nice and small, with her bright castor color. She has a gentle, sweet personality. Her favorite toy is a set of baby keys. Lavanda is cared for by my mom.

Daisy Lou

Full Name: Toni's Daisy Lou

Registered: Red Seal Registration

Status: Retired Brood Doe


Best Winnings: BOV

Best Offspring: Gordisima

Daisy was my first home grown castor to win Best of Variety. She has very nice type and color, and good fur. She's been an honorable mention for BOB but never quite made it. Daisy is a very gentle and timid doe. When it's her turn out in the pen or shed she never strays more than ten feet away from me.


Full Name: Toni's Gordisima

Registered: Red Seal Registration

Status: Brood Doe

Born: 7-9-11

Best Winnings: 2 BOV, BOSV

Best Offspring: Kayla

Gordisima is Spanish for "very fat." Isima (Ees' ee mah) was the only kit in her litter. Her dam Daisy took such good care of her that she was very fat as a kit. She would get stuck on her back and couldn't roll over without help. Everyone likes Isima, she's got a funny and outgoing personality. She did well as a show doe and a brood doe too. She has nice type, fur, and color.


Full Name: Toni's Kayla

Registered: She will be when she is old enough!

Status: Show Doe

Born: 7-6-13

Best Winnings:


Full Name: Toni's Sorrel

Registered: No

Status: Pet

Born: 4-15-08


Full Name: Jasmine

Registered: No

Status: Pet

Born: 8-2-11

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