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Out With the Fly Strips and In With the Straw

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 7:05 AM

I've had fly strips up in the shed all summer, and they caught lots of flies. Now with cooler weather flies aren't a problem. Flies may no longer be invading, but cold drafts of air are. So I took down the fly strips and found my rabbit boxes in the garage.


Each rabbit gets its own box for winter. That way I can keep the shed doors or at least the window open most of the time. Most of the boxes are made of plywood. These are my favorite, but I also have a couple plastic boxes for messy babies. Everybun is grown up enough to be clean this winter, yay! I give each rabbit straw in its box at night as needed. Some of them eat the straw along with their hay, others only need it replenished once a week or so.


It's nice having that Ready for Winter feel in the shed now with the rabbits all cozy in their boxes.

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