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Fiber3 Rabbit Chow

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 8:00 AM

I have been using Purina's Fiber3 Rabbit Chow for almost a year now. It has no corn, lower protein, and higher fiber than Purina's basic Rabbit Chow. I've seen how the rabbits react to it in cold weather and warm, and in all life stages, I'm quite pleased with the results.


I switched during our very dry summer last year when I could no longer buy grass hay. I had started feeding alfalfa, but this caused some of our older rabbits to have problems with colic (gas buildup in the intestines). Since my mini rex are also prone to being overweight, I though the Fibre3 would help in both areas.


The rabbits now get a ration of Fibre3 and a small amount of alfalfa twice daily. It has worked very well. The older rabbits no longer have digestive problems, and it's easier to keep the does from getting fat. I've been feeding it to does with litters, and I'm happy to say that the kits can eat Fibre3 right out of the nest box with no hint of diarrea. The does with litters have done well on it too. 


Because of the lower protein I do give the growing juniors and show rabbits some little extras, and I may end up getting a show feed for them. For now I give each junior a spoonful of oatmeal twice a day, and plenty of alfalfa. If they are still finishing in coat and flesh I give half a plain dog biscuit or sunflower seeds instead of oatmeal for the evening feeding.

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