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My Quest For An ARBA Registrar License

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 11:45 AM

I have been going through the process of obtaining an ARBA rabbit registrar license! If all goes well I hope to have my license early next year. This may seem like a long time, but there are many steps involved and it may actually take longer.


This is something I've wanted to accomplish for a while; I'm looking forward to it. It will give me something to do at the shows and I think it will be fun. I will also be able to register rabbits for breeders in the area, and even my own rabbits.


We need more registrars in Iowa right now, too. In fact, the last two shows I went to, the clubs had not been able to find a registrar who could come.  


I requested an application in March and started studying the Standard of Perfection. When Mom and I went to the rabbit show in Amana I brought my application to get the required twenty signatures. This sounded easy, I know more than twenty ARBA members. But not all the people I know were there that day and some are youth members. The signatures must be from adults, and must also have a membership number. I started off well, all the breeders I know were happy to sign. The club members who put on the show were glad to sign too, and lots of people introduced me to their friends and they signed also. After a while I ran out of people I knew to ask, and I had also volunteered to write for a judge, so by this time I needed to get to work. I was assigned to write for Mike Avesing, the ARBA president and a fun judge to work for. When we were done for Show A Mike signed my application and seeing that I still had a half dozen spaces to fill, he took me around to the other judges and his friends to fill in the rest of the blanks and even get some extras!


The next step was to take the test. I needed to do lots of studying. I had to do without the ARBA's Study Guide since it was being revised. I am lucky to have Ellyn of Rabbit Smarties as a friend, and she has some very helpful material on her website. With the help of her study tips, I set to work learning the Standard of Perfection. I'm not used to studying, so it took a while to get into the groove. I kept a notebook of notes for each breed and also pages for many of the varieties. I took these notes and my Standard with me whenever I would have spare time to study. Mom said she was starting to feel like hiding when she saw me coming, because I'd be sure to tell her something about rabbit colors or faults. I knew I'd been studying too much when I saw an unusual cloud and immediately thought "that looks like a blue frosty Holland lop." Whenever I began to think there was too much to learn, or when I had questions, Ellyn always helped me out.


I arranged with judge Harry Boots to take my test at the rabbit show in Oskaloosa a couple weeks ago. By this time I had studied so much I wasn't even nervous, which is unusual for me. Mom and I arrived at the show early so I was able to take the test before the show started.


For the oral part of the test I needed to tattoo a rabbit. The only rabbit we had without a tattoo was Hope's mix breed pet, Jasmine. She said I could bring her to tattoo. I used my EZ Tatt pen, I really like it. For some reason no ink would come out at first, until I realized I had forgotten to wipe off the ointment I keep on the needle for rust prevention. That was the only part that didn't go well; the tattoo is one of the best I've done. After tattooing, I had to show that I could properly handle and evaluate some rabbits. 


The second part was a written test of 100 questions. They were all multiple choice and true or false questions. I thought the test was pretty easy after all the studying I'd been doing. The first part of the test was questions on general disqualifications and registering rabbits. Next there were two or three questions about each breed of rabbit. These questions were mostly about disqualifications and colors specific to each breed. There were also quite a few questions about ear and fur lengths, so I'm glad I memorized all those.


After the test I felt pretty confident I passed, there were only a few questions I wasn't sure of the answer. Now I have to wait for the official results to come in the mail. I expect them any day now.


I did receive an email from Eric Stewart who grades the tests. He said I passed, and that I did "exceptionally well!!" I can't wait to start working with the judges! If I get the results soon I can work at our next show in Allison on the 22nd.


Mom snapped some pictures of me taking my test.



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Reply Sheryl Cobb
4:52 PM on February 21, 2016 
I am looking to become an ARBA Registrar too. I am frustrated, searching the ARBA website to find an application to begin the process. I also understand that there are study guides and other packets you can get to do the studying process. Can you please help me out? Thanks!