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Spice's First Litter

Posted on November 20, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Spice kindled (gave birth to) her very first litter on November 11, 2012! She's doing a great job with taking care of them, they are all thriving. She has four kits, all castors. '

I'm very excited about this litter for several reasons. The first is that Spice is the only offspring I have from Toni's Curry, my best castor buck. In his short life he sired a Best of Breed, Best Opposite, and Best of Variety. Spice is very like him in type, I'm hoping she passes it along as well as he did. Spice has a Best Opposite of Breed leg, but I retired her early so she could be a brood doe.

The second reason I'm excited about Spice's litter is that the sire is Hayworth's Nugget, a nice little castor buck I bought to replace Curry. It will be interesting to see if he works well with my line.

Last but not least, Spice has the best feet I've seen on my mini rex. They are almost as furry as a Netherland dwarf's! She has good bone too, nice and sturdy. Needless to say, she doesn't need a resting mat. I hope she will help cement this trait into my line.


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